10 Types of Industrial LED Light Fixtures

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There is a wide selection of industrial LED light fixtures available. It’s important to understand the difference between each fixture, as many are designed for specific types of applications.

In this article, we’re exploring 10 types of industrial LED light fixtures.

Industrial LED Light Fixtures

There are several types of industrial LED light fixtures, and each has been designed to provide specific types of commercial LED lighting for different applications.

These fixtures are available in different shapes and designs, but what they have in common, is their use of LED technology.

As a result, they are more energy-efficient than traditional light sources including halogen lamps, incandescent light, and fluorescent lighting.

On the same note, industrial LED light fixtures have a longer lifespan than any of these lights, offering as high 100,000 hours of use.

And most importantly, LEDs do not flicker or burn out, and neither do they dim after long years of use, which means the quality of light they produce is always bright.

That being the case, we’ve outlined some of the best types of  LED lighting fixtures for industrial applications.

But first,

What Are Industrial Light Fixtures?

Industrial light fixtures are lighting used in factories, warehouses, or manufacturing plants.

These lights are safe and reliable and they offer bright light that will enhance the productivity of employees.

On the other hand, there are several types of industrial lighting fixtures and some of these are LED bulbs, halogen lamps, incandescent light, fluorescent lighting, and HID lighting.

Despite the different types of industrial lights, it is worth noting that those that use LED technology have shown significant benefits over fluorescents and metal halides.

LED fixtures have been able to outperform the latter in terms of energy efficiency, cost savings, heat production, and even environmental friendliness.

Much more, a lot of energy is consumed in industrial facilities, which could make these buildings expensive to operate.

However, LEDs can help to reduce the energy used, and the cost of operations significantly.

Industrial LED Light Fixtures to Consider

The types of industrial LED light fixtures you should consider in your facility include:

1. High Bay Fixtures

LED high bay fixtures are installed in industrial spaces whose ceiling height is above 20ft from the ground.

These lights have a high lumen output to ensure that the area is well lit since they will be installed high above the ground.

Also, high bay light fixtures can be used with a wide range of reflectors, and to light up vertical and horizontal working planes.

2. Low Bay Fixtures

LED low bay fixtures are employed in commercial facilities and warehouses whose ceiling height is less than 20ft.

Unlike high bay lights, these fixtures have fewer lumens since they don’t have to perform as hard as high bay lights.

The latter is a result of their closeness to the floor compared to high bay lights that are a significant distance apart.

On the other hand, the use of low bay lights is suitable for buildings with low ceilings since they will ensure proper distribution of light.

What’s more LED warehouse lighting fixtures have replaced metal halide and fluorescent bulbs used in low bay lights.

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3. Recessed Troffer lights

Recessed troffers can be pendant mounted, surface mounted, or chain-hung in industrial buildings and facilities.

These lights can either be new LED fixtures or LED linear tube retrofits that make it easy to replace traditional light sources like fluorescent.

A new fixture will tend to last longer even though it may have a higher cost of installation, and retrofit will be easier to install even though its life span may be shorter than a new fixture.

Nonetheless, a choice between new LED recessed troffer lights and retrofits depends on the best option for the existing operating conditions.

4. Linear Strip Lights

LED strip lights can be used in commercial or industrial spaces to give a smaller footprint and cleaner look.

These lights are suitable for large spaces including grocery stores and department stores.

The T12 and T8 light fixtures, for instance, have been employed in their spaces where LED industrial strip lighting is required.

5. Task Lights and Lamps

Industrial task lighting fixtures are portable lights that make it easy to concentrate on the task at hand since they offer highly concentrated, focused light.

These fixtures are adjustable, flexible and they deliver light exactly at the spot that is required, which helps to improve the productivity of workers.

That being the case, if high bay or low bay lights fail to provide as much light need to focus on minute details, task lights can be used.

6. Area Light Fixtures

Industrial LED area light fixtures are used to light up the parking lots and walkways of warehouses, factories, etc.

Hence, these lights make the location feel safe and secure to workers and visitors in and around the facility.

As such, it makes people feel relaxed instead of always glancing over their shoulders especially after work hours or in dark.

It also reduces the rate of crime since intruders will be wary that there are cameras around with light fixtures providing enough light for the motion to be detected easily.

On the other hand, area lights can be mounted on poles between 10 ft to 100 ft high in a bid to illuminate large open spaces.

7. Floodlight Fixtures

LED floodlights are outdoor light fixtures that can be used in industrial spaces.

These lights are ideal for security and landscape lighting and they can be complemented with motion sensors or photocells.

There are three different techniques that can be employed when LED floodlights are used in landscape lighting.

These techniques include wall washing, which is used to spread light across large spaces uniformly.

There is also wall grazing that helps to highlight the patterns of stone walls, climbing vines, and tree trunks.

Finally, there is shadowing which is done by positioning a light source to cast a shadow of an object that lies in its path, onto the wall.

8. LED Wall Packs

LED wall packs are also a great option when it comes to security lighting purposes in industrial spaces.

Specifically, they are used in outdoor spaces where the control of light spill is important.

As such, these lights have a bright light output and adjustable mount design that makes them useful in such areas.

LED wall packs are durable thanks to their die-cast aluminum build.

They are, therefore, resistant to harsh climatic conditions which makes them a great option for tough environments.

9. Streetlights

LED streetlights are suitable for use as parking lot lighting, security lighting, pathway lighting, and storage area lighting.

For this reason, they can illuminate the outdoor spaces of industrial buildings.

They are designed to be usable even when the voltage is unstable, or there is high harmonic content in power supply.

The same applies to adverse weather conditions, as such, these lights are still functional.

10. Shoplight

LED shoplight fixtures can also be used in industrial workstations for task lighting.

They are also suitable for general-purpose lighting, hence, it should not come as a surprise that they are also used in garages, storage rooms, basements, workshops, etc.

Industrial LED Shoplights can be mounted to the ceiling directly, or suspended with chains.


These are the different types of industrial LED light fixtures, and they vary based on their build and design.

As such, an informed decision needs to be made on the most suitable light fixture that will fit a purpose in the industrial facility.

Nonetheless, each of these lighting use LED technology which makes them energy-efficient, thereby reducing the cost for the facility in the long run.

They also have a long lifespan, thereby taking away the need to always replace them.

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