6 Uses for Commercial Outdoor Flood Lights

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Commercial outdoor floodlights are extremely useful in the exterior of industrial and commercial facilities.

These high-intensity artificial lights help to illuminate the space during the day and night, thus, they make up for the lost sunlight at night. What this means is that operations can be carried out seamlessly in commercial facilities despite the time of the day.

Another important benefit of commercial outdoor floodlights lies in the fact that their large, uniform light enhances the security of the buildings that use them.

The CCTV cameras are able to capture clearer, and people within these environments can feel safe while moving around it.

Generally, outdoor floodlights are suitable for landscape, architectural, or security lighting in commercial spaces.

On the other hand,  it is worth pointing out the facilities that use commercial outdoor floodlights – It will give you an idea of where you can implement these lights in your own space.

What are Commercial Outdoor Floodlights

Commercial outdoor floodlights are used to illuminate the exterior of commercial facilities.

These lights have no control of the beam or focus and as such, they provide high-intensity lighting.

Depending on the outdoor setting, a particular type of floodlight is chosen to ensure that the light can withstand the impact of harsh climatic conditions since they are installed outside.

The big idea is to make their casings sturdy and shatter-resistant while also ensuring that the fixtures are tamper-proof.

Commercial outdoor floodlights can either rely on Metal Halide, HPS, Fluorescent or  LED technology.

Each differs from the other and offers immense benefits that could affect its choice over the other.

Nonetheless, LED commercial outdoor floodlights are the best since they are more energy-efficient, durable, environmentally friendly, etc.

Applications of Commercial Outdoor Floodlights

Some commercial applications of outdoor floodlights are:

1. Warehouses

Warehouses are large spaces that need lights such as floodlights that can produce high-intensity light.

The exterior of these spaces can be illuminated properly irrespective of their large size.

Accordingly, workers who spend long hours on these premises can still move around with ease and drive around which makes them ideal for parking lots.

Moreover, the illumination provided by these lights could discourage a potential intruder into these warehouses.

They can work alongside a security camera, and therefore, help to optimize the physical appearance of individuals detected by the camera.

The latter can be entirely useful in facial recognition.

2. Stadium Walkways

Stadiums also have an extremely large size, and one of the most popular lights used in these facilities are floodlights.

Several floodlights are usually installed in different locations to provide the best illumination for these spaces.

What’s more, it enables games scheduled outside daylight hours to be played in this facility.

Thus, games such as soccer, cricket, track racing, car racing, etc. can hold in these places even late at night.

The large crowd that is attracted to these open spaces also means that floodlights need to be used to provide better illumination.

Outdoor sports, therefore, becomes something to look forward to with the use of these lightings

3. Apparel Stores

Boutiques that offer accessories and fashion apparel can have floodlights installed in their exterior spaces.

Given that these shops operate until late into the night, it becomes needful that they are well lit at such hours.

Customer cars will tend to go drive in and out, and in large numbers throughout the day.

And most importantly, people can feel safe while they visit these stores at night. They can pull out of the parking lot conveniently.

In the same vein, it could improve the aesthetics of the building and bring out the true colors of the products, and thus make it attractive for customers to visit.

4. Security Perimeters

Security perimeters have walls and barriers that prevent intruders from entering a particular zone or territory.

It is, therefore, not a surprise that governments all over the world use security perimeters to enhance the security of its citizens. These barricades also serve to control the flow of commerce and immigration.

On the other hand, despite the high fences (e.g microwave and radio wave fences) that are usually in the areas, they need to be well illuminated at all hours of the day.

The reason cannot be farfetched since a security perimeter may still be susceptible to attack if it is not well lit.

The security cameras need to be able to detect movement, which can be aided by commercial outdoor floodlights.

5. Station / Railway

There is usually a lot of activities at railway stations, given that commuters have to transport to different locations during the day.

As such, commercial outdoor lighting becomes needful in these stations to ensure that the hundreds of people that visit these places can navigate with ease.

They can have that sense of security while being around so many people in a confined space, and also maneuver through trains easily.

These and many more can be attributed to the powerful widespread beam provided by outdoor floodlights.


These are some of the facilities that use commercial outdoor floodlights. These facilities have found a need to take advantage of the broad-beam and high-intensity light, as well as the high-level security these lights offer.

And the best part is, commercial facilities can rely on LED floodlights that have shown high energy-efficiency, long life span, cost savings, and several other benefits.

Accordingly, if you want to reap these benefits coupled with those that come with the use of commercial exterior floodlights, you need to implement these lights in your facility’s open spaces.

There’s a range of options to choose from in terms of design, hence, there’s no limitation to how much you can illuminate your outdoor space.

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