DLC Lighting List for Commercial Applications

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If you’re interested in energy-efficient lighting fixtures for your commercial application, you may find it helpful to review the DLC lighting list of approved products. This list includes lighting fixtures designed, tested, and certified for their energy-efficiency.

In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the T-1 lighting fixtures approved and included in the DLC lighting list for commercial applications.

DLC Lighting List for Commercial Applications

The  DesignLights Consortium (DLC) lighting list for commercial applications is beneficial to businesses looking to provide energy-efficient lighting in their facility.

This list shows several products that have been rated to be energy efficient, and therefore, have a high potential to bring about cost savings while reducing emissions to the environment.

Specifically, DLC tests these lighting solutions in its lab to ascertain if they meet its technical requirements.

Lighting products that meet this requirement are then given the DLC tag to help designers and business owners find energy-efficient lighting solutions easily.

If that’s what you’re out to get, then we’ve outlined a list of products that are DLC rated or approved.

What is DLC?

DesignLights Consortium (DLC) is a US-based non-profit organization that seeks to promote high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products.

It makes this possible by defining quality while also delivering tools and resources to the lighting market.

DLC collaborates with utilities and energy efficiency program members, lighting designers, manufacturers, and federal, state, and local entities.

What’s more, DLC targets lighting solutions, and most especially, commercial lighting applications.

It creates product quality specifications for lighting to ensure that more quality systems are developed.

Learn more about DLC lighting.

What is a DLC Listed Product?

A DLC listed product such as commercial LED luminaires, retrofit kits, linear replacement lamps have been rated to perform under high levels of energy efficiency.

In this case, such a product consumes less wattage to produce lumen output, which is why it earns certification from the organization as a sign of a high level of energy efficiency.

And the fact that it consumes less energy is not at the expense of the quality of light produced.

It’s also worth noting that the listing covers the product’s quality, energy efficiency, and its warranty.

These products are then outlined in the DLC Qualified Product List (QPL).

List of Products Approved By DLC

There are about 2,000 products on DLC’s  Qualified Product List (QPL).

Some of these products include:

1. The T1-BLED Center Basket Series:

A line of fixtures that offer the latest technology in LED modules and dimmable drivers.

DLC listed models (premium listing):

  • T1-BLED22/B/24-35
  • T1-BLED22/B/24-40
  • T1-BLED22/B/24-50
  • T1-BLED22/B/36-35
  • T1-BLED22/B/36-40
  • T1-BLED22/B/36-50
  • T1-BLED24/B/40-35
  • T1-BLED24/B/40-40
  • T1-BLED24/B/40-50
  • T1-BLED24/B/50-35
  • T1-BLED24/B/50-40
  • T1-BLED24/B/50-50

2. T1-DBLED Series:

A series of LED double basket fixtures that can be used in the interior of offices, hospitals, and other commercial locations with limited space.

DLC listed models (standard listing):

  • T1-DBLED22/B/36-35
  • T1-DBLED22/B/36-40
  • T1-DBLED22/B/36-50
  • T1-DBLED24/B/40-35
  • T1-DBLED24/B/40-40
  • T1-DBLED24/B/40-50
  • T1-DBLED24/B/50-35
  • T1-DBLED24/B/50-40
  • T1-DBLED24/B/50-50

3. T1-EPBLED Premium Center Basket:

A series of fixtures that offer the latest technology in LED modules and dimmable drivers.

DLC listed models (premium listing):

  • T1-EPBLED22/B/19-35
  • T1-EPBLED22/B/19-40
  • T1-EPBLED22/B/19-50
  • T1-EPBLED22/B/29-35
  • T1-EPBLED22/B/29-40
  • T1-EPBLED22/B/29-50
  • T1-EPBLED24/B/39-35
  • T1-EPBLED24/B/39-40
  • T1-EPBLED24/B/39-50
  • T1-EPBLED24/B/49-35
  • T1-EPBLED24/B/49-40
  • T1-EPBLED24/B/49-50

4. T1-HBLED Series:

A line of LED high bay fixtures that can be used in a wide variety of applications and mounting heights.

DLC listed models (premium listing):

  • T1-HBLED/B/221-40
  • T1-HBLED/B/221-50
  • T1-HBLED/B/321-40
  • T1-HBLED/B/321-50

5. Ignite HBLED series:

 line of high bay LED fixtures.

DLC listed models (premium listing):

  • T1-IHBLED2/B/81-40
  • T1-IHBLED2/B/81-50
  • T1-IHBLED2/B/101-40
  • T1-IHBLED2/B/101-50
  • T1-IHBLED2/B/161-40
  • T1-IHBLED2/B/161-50
  • T1-IHBLED2/B/201-40
  • T1-IHBLED2/B/201-50
  • T1-IHBLED4/B/201-40
  • T1-IHBLED4/B/201-50
  • T1-IHBLED4/B/281-40
  • T1-IHBLED4/B/281-50
  • T1-IHBLED4/B/321-40
  • T1-IHBLED4/B/321-50
  • T1-IHBLED4/B/481-40
  • T1-IHBLED4/B/481-50

6. T1-PWALED Series :

A series of premium LED wraparound lights.

DLC listed models (premium listing):

  • T1-PWALED2/B/23-40
  • T1-PWALED2/B/23-50
  • T1-PWALED2/B/34-40
  • T1-PWALED2/B/34-50
  • T1-PWALED4/B/34-40
  • T1-PWALED4/B/34-50
  • T1-PWALED4/B/46-40
  • T1-PWALED4/B/46-50
  • T1-PWALED4/B/68-40
  • T1-PWALED4/B/68-50

7. T1-SLED Series:

A series of LED strip lights.

DLC listed models (premium listing):

  • T1-SLED424-40
  • T1-SLED424-50
  • T1-SLED436-40
  • T1-SLED436-50
  • T1-SLED848-40
  • T1-SLED848-50
  • T1-SLED872-40
  • T1-SLED872-50

8. T1-SWPLED Series:

A line of adjustable LED slim wall packs.

DLC listed models (standard listing):

  • T1-SWPLED/A/30-40
  • T1-SWPLED/A/30-50
  • T1-SWPLED/A/40-40
  • T1-SWPLED/A/40-50
  • T1-SWPLED/A/75-40
  • T1-SWPLED/A/75-50

9. T1-VTLED Series:

A series of vapor-tight LEDs.

DLC listed models (premium listing):

  • T1-VTLED/B/40-35
  • T1-VTLED/B/40-40
  • T1-VTLED/B/40-50
  • T1-VTLED/B/60-35
  • T1-VTLED/B/60-40
  • T1-VTLED/B/60-50

10. T1-WPLED Series:

A line of  LED wall packs (standard listing).

DLC listed models:

  • T1-WPLED/A/40-40
  • T1-WPLED/A/40-50
  • T1-WPLED/A/60-40
  • T1-WPLED/A/60-50
  • T1-WPLED/A/80-40
  • T1-WPLED/A/80-50
  • T1-WPLED/A/120-40
  • T1-WPLED/A/120-50

Benefits of the DLC Product List

Some benefits of the DLC product list include:

1. To Find Only Quality Products:

Admittedly, a product that does not have the DLC stamp of approval does not translate into an inferior fixture.

It lacks the DLC stamp since it has not been tested under the organization’s guidelines.

That being the case, one can only assume that it may turn out to be energy efficient, and consume so much power.

On the contrary, relying on guesswork to choose the highest quality light may be less rewarding since you’re bound to land on poor quality ones as well.

Accordingly, the DLC product list allows you to find only those lighting solutions that have undergone a test.

Hence, the lighting you choose can be of high quality.

2. Meets Your Desire for Energy Efficiency:

Energy-efficient lighting solutions come with several benefits, and that includes helping you reduce how much is spent on utility bills on a monthly basis.

They do not consume a lot of power, and neither do they generate a lot of heat.

These lightings use a greater percentage of the power they consume to produce light instead of heat.

It also means that your air conditioner gets to stay off sometimes in the summer due to the low heat generation.

As a consequence, you do not end up paying for power that was wasted or given off as heat.

Rather, you pay for the energy that was consumed to generate light.

3. Encourages the Production of High-Quality Lighting:

Manufacturers who want their products to have an edge in the competition with others out there will take the extra step to ensure that their products are DLC listed,

These are fixtures that have been verified to be the highest-performing products and systems.

DLC also validates the manufacturer’s specifications for their product to be true.

What this does, is create a more energy-efficient future that will benefit end-users.

Manufacturers can also benefit from the fact that their products will have more preference that others in the market.


The DLC lighting list for commercial applications is useful in identifying the most energy-efficient lighting products out there.

These are products that will save you money since they consume less energy.

Also, they are environmentally friendly because they tend to emit less into the environment.

Therefore, you can get high-quality light in your facility, reduce lighting expenses, while at the same time, promote a more healthy environment.

The latter will be beneficial to the ecosystem and those living within it.

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