LED Ceiling Light Fixtures for Commercial Applications

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LED ceiling light fixtures for commercial applications are quite useful since they help to illuminate the interior of commercial spaces in an energy-efficient way.

These luminaries are used in office buildings, factories, warehouses, etc. and each of these locations will need bright light during the day and at night.

Sufficient light will allow operations to be carried out smoothly in these buildings, and also enhance workers’ productivity.

Also, given the long hours of business operations daily, LED ceiling light fixtures are the goto solution to reduce operating costs.

What are LED Ceiling Light Fixtures?

LED ceiling light fixtures are lighting solutions that are mounted on ceilings.

As such, these fixtures are used in the interior spaces of buildings, and in this case, commercial buildings.

Commercial indoor LED lighting fixtures are available in different shapes and sizes, and they are most suited to carry out a specific task.

Accordingly, a manufacturer or business owner’s choice of a fixture over another can be tied to the purpose for which it is intended.

Types of LED Light fixtures for Commercial Applications

The types of LED lights fixtures for commercial applications are:

  • LED High Bays
  • LED Flat Panels
  • LED Strip Lights
  • LED Vapor Tights
  • LED Water Tights
  • LED Wraparounds
  • LED Recessed Troffers

Let’s take a look at each of these.

1. High Bays

LED high bays are lighting fixtures that are installed on ceilings whose height is between 20ft to 40ft above the ground.

These lights are generally used in commercial buildings whose ceilings are high.

The T1-G2RHBLED LED UFO High Bays fixtures have a thin and circular profile to enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings.

These fixtures can be installed in a building whose ceiling is high, and the result is a bright light that uses energy efficiently.

These fixtures are also suitable for use in wet locations and environments whose ambient temperature is up to 122°F, thanks to their IP65 protection.

The T1-HBLED is a series of linear LED high bays that can be used in a wide range of applications and mounting heights.

They are ideal for commercial, industrial, and several other high bay applications.

Given that there are different models of the T1-HBLED, you can make a choice depending on the lumen output and color temperature, and other design features.

2. LED Flat Panels

LED flat panel light fixtures are thin panels that feature several LEDs stationed in between aluminum housing and plastic material.

The aluminum housing supports the LED strips and cools the LED lights.

These lights also have high luminous efficacies and excellent color rendering capabilities.

Hence, they serve as a good replacement to conventional fluorescent ceiling light since they offer bright light that is evenly distributed.

A good LED flat panel you can use is the T1-FP Series of LED flat panels.

The fixtures in this series boast of an ultra-thin design with a backlit frame to produce evenly distributed light.

Furthermore, each model has a built-in 2KV surge protection.

3. LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are compact linear ceiling lights that consist of a flexible circuit board with several LEDs.

The light fixture can be installed almost anywhere including the ceiling and it offers powerful lighting in a variety of colors and brightnesses.

The T1-SLED Series, for instance, consists of LED strip lights that are an ideal solution for commercial, industrial, residential, and retail settings.

These lights can be mounted on a surface such as a wall or ceiling to provide good illumination for retail stores, storage facilities, parking garages, etc.

4. LED Vapor Tights

Vapor-Tight LED fixtures also known as wet location fixtures, feature tamper-proof housing, and low-glare optics.

For this reason, they are ideal for use in harsh interior/exterior environments.

5. LED Water Tights

LED water tights fixtures are also used in locations with lots of exposure to water, humidity, and dust.

They are often mounted on ceilings in commercial buildings where these elements may be a point of concern.

A good LED watertight light fixture is the T1-WTLED Series Water Tights.

These are a series of IP67 and IP69K protection grade lighting fixtures that are protected from water, moisture, and dust.

They have fully gasketed end plates that provide an enclosure for the high impact resistant acrylic tube.

Therefore, these units can be used in food processing and wet areas.

6. LED Wraparound Lights

LED wraparound light fixtures are surface mounted fixtures that are integrated with LEDs rather than replaceable bulbs.

They produce light from the bottom and sides, which helps to illuminate from different angles.

The latter is quite different from most recessed troffers or LED panels that emit their light downwards.

Now consider the T1-PWALED Series, a line of LED wraparound lights that can offer uniformed light distribution.

These fixtures are suitable for use in offices, workshops, hallways, stairways, parking garages, and a list of other places.

Much more, they have smooth curved edges to revamp their look from that of traditional LED fixtures, thereby giving your interior space a clean and modern design.

7. LED Recessed Troffers

LED recessed troffer light fixtures are rectangular or squared in shape and they fit in nicely into a modular dropped ceiling grid also known as recessed.

The T1-BLED series LED center basket features a center basket polycarbonate shade that prevents user eye contact with the LED modules.

This design also helps to give its even light distribution.

And most importantly, this series consists of fixtures that have been UL listed, DLC listed and FCC certified.

The T1-EPBLED series features premium center baskets with the latest LED modules and dimmable drivers.

Like the T1-BLED series, this one comes with a center basket polycarbonate shade to prevent direct eye contact with the light, which could lead to eye fatigue.

A 2KV Surge Protection has also been built into its every fixture.

And if you want to be assured of their high quality and energy-efficiency, they are all UL listed, DLC Premium listed and FCC certified.

The T1-DBLED Series consists of LED recessed troffer lights that are ideal for commercial interior areas with limited space.

It features a dual-lens that aids in even illumination while preventing direct eye contact with the lens.

Benefits of LED Ceiling Lights in Commercial Spaces

There are several benefits of LED ceiling lights in commercial applications, and these advantages have given them an edge over other lighting technology.

Some of these benefits include:

1. Energy-efficiency

LED ceiling light fixtures are more energy-efficient than traditional light fixtures such as metal halide, halogens, and fluorescent ceiling lights.

Specifically, LEDs consume 75% less energy compared to the latter, which helps to reduce the utility bill for a facility.

The reduced energy consumption of these energy-saving LED fixtures can be tied to the fact that a greater percentage of energy is used to produce light instead of heat, which is evident in conventional lighting fixtures.

2. Long Life Span

Commercial LED ceiling light fixtures last longer than traditional lighting fixtures.

The reason is, LEDs have a life span of 50,000-100,000 hours and compared to the 15,000 and 10,000 hours offered by metal halide, and fluorescent, it is more significant.

As a consequence, commercial indoor lighting fixtures have to be changed less frequently.

3.  Cost-savings

A combination of energy-savings and long life span of LED ceiling light fixtures help to reduce the cost of utility bills and maintenance.

In the first instance, less money is spent on electric bills, while these fixtures can last for a long time before there is a need for maintenance or replacement.

The Department of Energy (DOE), energy savings forecast holds that 90% and 100% of light fixtures installed by 2025 and 2035 respectively, will be LEDs.


LED ceiling light fixtures for commercial applications are useful in providing sufficient light for workers and visitors in commercial spaces.

They consume less energy than traditional light fixtures, but not at the expense of the quality of light they produce.

To that effect, if you’re a business owner looking to enhance the productivity of your workers, and save costs, in the long run, you need to take advantage of LED ceiling light fixtures.

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