Outdoor Commercial Lighting: A Complete Overview

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Outdoor commercial lighting is a must-have for homeowners, businesses, and those in charge of public space.

The reason is not farfetched since these lights help to keep the property well lit and secure.

It could be a large open space such as a garage, parking lot, campus, sports arena, long outdoor passageway, etc., but these lights can still provide sufficient light to keep the spaces illuminated.

There are also decorative commercial outdoor lighting fixtures that spice up the aesthetics of locations they are used in.

That being the case, there are numerous benefits of outdoor commercial lightning which has led to its popularity.

What is Outdoor Commercial Lighting?

Outdoor commercial lighting involves artificial light sources used in the exterior of commercial buildings such as offices, warehouses, retail buildings, etc.

Specifically, they are implemented outdoors where very bright light is required during the day and night.

These lights have been adopted in a range of industries to illuminate the environment, especially at night.

As such, outdoor commercial lighting offers several benefits to business owners and the people who work in or visit business premises.

Benefits of Commercial Outdoor Lighting

The benefits of commercial outdoor lighting spread across illumination, security, aesthetics appeal, amongst others.

Let’s take a closer look at each:

1. Illumination

The most notable benefit of exterior commercial building lighting fixtures is their aid in illuminating large spaces.

These lights are of different types, shapes, and sizes, and as such, the choice of which is dependent on how well it will brighten the space.

For instance, there are LEDs, Metal halides, high-pressure sodium, etc. types of commercial lighting that can be used outdoors.

There are others that are suitable for tall or short buildings depending on the height of the building from the ground.

That being the case, people can still be productive during the day and at night thanks to outdoor lighting fixtures.

It’s also worthy to note that CCTV cameras can still pick up the events if the environment is well illuminated.

2. Security

The sun provides sufficient light during the day, which helps people to navigate easily.

It also gives them a sense of confidence as they move, park their vehicles, take a walk, etc.

Similarly, outdoor lighting helps people to feel secure in parking lots, hiking trails, or while taking a walk at night.

Employees can visit and leave offices at late hours and do so without a feeling like they are in harm’s way.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Lights can also enhance the look of the areas they are used in.

Whether it is a bright light for parking lots or low light for watching movies in an open space, these lights can be used.

Commercial LED Lights

There are different types of outdoor commercial lighting, but LEDs have gained more popularity over the years.

These light sources are energy-efficient, and as such, they reduce energy consumption significantly in comparison to traditional lighting.

Similarly, LED commercial outdoor lightings are durable (providing up to 50,000 to 100,000 hours of uniform light); hence, they can be used outdoors for years longer than other artificial light sources.

Commercial building outdoor LED lighting, therefore, saves money in the long run despite the high cost of purchasing them.

Types of Outdoor Commercial Building Lighting Fixtures

Some commercial building lighting fixtures include wall packs, floodlight fixtures, sports lighting, area lighting fixtures, decorative poles/light fixtures, street lighting fixtures, and bollard lights.

1. Wall Packs

Wall packs are lighting fixtures that are installed into the wall or vertical surfaces directly, without a pole being used.

They are suitable for outdoor spaces with heavy pedestrian and vehicular movement and can serve as surveillance lights.

Wall packs also have a shatter-resistant glass that helps to protect the fixture from harsh weather.

In addition, these lights can feature photocells and motion detectors which helps to control the lighting.

Wall packs can either be semi-cutoff or full-cutoff depending on the shape of their beam.

For semi-cutoff wall packs, their light is projected laterally, while full-cutoff focuses their lighting in narrow beam downwards.

2. Floodlights

Floodlights come with an adjustable base and as such, their beam can be projected on an object.

Also, LED area floodlights are used to illuminate the landscape for an extra layer of security or bring out specific architectural features.

These lights can be used for wall washing or paired with motion sensors, photocells, and timers.

3. Canopy Lighting

Canopy lighting fixtures are installed underneath outdoor canopies in drive-through banks, gas stations, drive-through restaurants, etc.

They are suitable for use outdoors since they are unaffected by the rain and resistant to vibrations.

4. Linear Lighting

Linear lighting is narrow and elongated and can be used in multistory parking areas.

Their hermetic construction protects them from dust, moisture, and insects.

5. Pole-Mounted Lighting

These lightings are installed on poles in open parking lots, streets, underpasses, pathways, green spaces, loading docks, etc.

Pole-mounted lighting also has different light distributions such as type III, type IV or type V.

Their color temperature ranges between 3000K to 5000K which makes them suitable for decorative purposes.

Likewise, the lighting fixtures are built to have a wide beam that can provide sufficient light to cover the area below them.

In the same vein, lateral light projection is avoided to prevent glare for passersby and neighbors.

Outdoor Lighting Controls

Although you need bright light during the day and at night, lighting controls will help to lower your utility bills.

Therefore, some light controls you should consider are:

1. Dusk to Dawn Sensors – Photocells

A dusk-to-dawn photo control automatically turns off the light during the day depending on ambient light.

This lighting control can save utility bills immensely.

2. Motion Sensors:

Motion sensors help to detect movement.

These sensors can also help the light to turn on or move to a predefined higher level.


Outdoor commercial lighting can improve the illumination at night which makes them useful.

As such, these lights have found use cases in commercial buildings and the latter is evident in the popularity of LEDs.

You can also find these lights in different designs and that being so, which you settle for is determined by how well it will illuminate the outdoor space without providing glare.

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