Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures

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There is a wide selection of outdoor flood lights available. In order to find the best fixtures for your needs, you need to know the differences and benefits.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at outdoor LED flood light fixtures so you know which you need for your application.

Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures

What if you could provide sufficient light in your commercial building and also reap huge cost-savings in the long run? These and many more are what outdoor LED flood light fixtures offer.

Think about this for a moment:

Employees in your facility who work in late need to maneuver smoothly to their cars, and visitors may come in during the day or at night; hence, the vicinity needs to be well illuminated.

It all boils down to the fact that proper lighting of the outdoor space of your commercial building will enable people to navigate during the day and at night. They can move comfortably with a sense of security if the place has enough light.

Also, intruders are less likely to enter your premises with full knowledge that the place is well-lit and they could be picked easily by your security camera.

The use of exterior LED flood light fixtures also ensures that irrespective of how long these lights stay on, it does not impact significantly on your operating cost.

Here’s what you need to know about outdoor LED flood light fixtures.

What are LED Flood Light Fixtures?

Floodlight fixtures provide general area lighting and they can be mounted on a pole, top of buildings, wall or on the ground.

They are suitable for use in the exterior of buildings, especially large ones that require high output and wide light distribution.

These fixtures can be used in parking lots, garages, stadiums, etc., since they come with built-in LED arrays, motion sensors or photocells, etc.

Unlike other lighting fixtures, they provide high-intensity light that can cover a large space, hence, they are ideal for security and landscape lighting.

On the other hand, floodlights can either rely on LEDs, metal halide, or halogen.

LED flood light fixtures employ LED technology, which makes them energy-efficient.

Benefits of Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures

Some benefits of outdoor LED flood light fixtures are:

1. Energy-efficiency

One way facility owners can lower operating costs is to reduce the amount of energy consumed by lights.

Accordingly, outdoor LED flood lights use energy efficiently, and they consume 75% less energy compared to traditional lightings such as metal halide and fluorescent.

Much more, 80% of the energy consumed by these lights is used to generate light, while 20% is given off as heat.

This performance is remarkable given that metal halide lights use 80% of the energy consumed to generate heat and 20% to provide light.

Furthermore, small LED flood lights can provide up to 7000 lumens, and in this case, serve as a replacement to up to 175-watt metal halide fixtures.

2. Long life span

LED flood light fixtures are high-quality fixtures whose lighting has a long life span.

The latter can be tied to the fact that LED lights offer 50,000 hours of bright light, which is considerably longer than that of metal halide and fluorescent.

LED light fixtures are tougher than regular bulbs, and are more durable, thereby enabling them to withstand harsh weather conditions including high winds, rain, and freezing temperatures.

As such, it takes away the need to replace them frequently, thereby saving you the costs of reinstalling light fixtures in your facility.

3. Cost-savings

This is the part where you reap huge savings from the use of outdoor LED flood light fixtures.

It results in reduced energy consumption in your building coupled with the less need to maintain or replace lighting fixtures can reduce your yearly expenses to keep lights running.

Best Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures

There are several outdoor LED flood light fixtures on the market, and some of the best outdoor flood lights out there include:

1. LED Area Flood Light Fixtures

LED area flood light fixtures are used to illuminate specific or large spaces.

Some of the best-LED area floodlights fixtures on the market are:

T1-FLED series

The T1-FLED series consists of LED area flood lights that are suitable for exterior applications.

As a series, you can find several models featuring different wattages, lumens, and color temperature.

And most importantly, a good number of these fixtures are DLC-listed, which is proof of their quality, energy-efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

But that’s not all!

You also get several mounting options to ensure that you can install these light fixtures on the wall or pole.

T1-SFLED LED Slim Area / Flood Lights

Another reliable outdoor LED flood light fixture for sale is the T1-SFLED series LED flood/area packs.

Like the T1-FLED series, this is a line of area light fixtures for commercial applications.

This series also has several configurations, hence, the wattage, lumen and color temperature tend to differ.

2. LED Shoebox Floodlight Fixtures

LED shoebox fixtures have a shape that is similar to that of large-scale traditional flood lights, thus they also serve as flood lights.

In line with that, LED shoebox fixtures are used in car dealerships, football fields, and building facades.

These fixtures are often mounted with a  yoke mount, trunnion mount, slip fitter mount, or wall bracket.

The LED shoebox flood lights, themselves, have varying color temperatures such as 3000K warm white, or 4000K and 5000K cool white.

They differ from area lights in their light distribution.

3. LED Spotlights Fixture

Outdoor LED Spotlights are used for landscape and accent lighting applications.

Their beam angle is narrow, which provides directional light on pathways, trees, statues, water fountains, and gardens.

These lights come with a knuckle mount which enables their ground installation to produce an uplight effect.

Knuckle mounts, on the other hand, are suitable for uplifting trees and buildings.

Therefore, they bring out the beauty of objects they illuminate while at the same time ensuring that the area is secured.

4. LED Bullet Flood light Fixtures

LED bullet flood light Fixtures are used for directional lighting on landscapes.

These fixtures are sealed to prevent dirt, moisture, and bugs from tampering with the light’s quality.

This fixture is made from precision die-cast aluminum housing shatter-resistant glass for durability.


Outdoor LED flood light fixtures are a must-have for any facility looking to enhance the illumination and security of its space.

These LED security light fixtures ensure that people can go about their business during the day and at night, given the bright light they produce.

To top it off, they generate light in an energy-efficient manner, which also yields cost benefits in the long run.

Commercial facilities using these light fixtures can also protect the environment since energy waste is reduced.

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