The Benefit of LED Parking Garage Lighting

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LED parking garage lighting can make your parking space safer and more secure.

These lights deliver bright, uniform lighting and minimize shadows which helps to improve drivers’ and pedestrian’s visibility in these areas.

On the other hand, the use of LED technology by light fixtures provides energy savings and reduced operational costs.

The latter is beneficial since a safe parking garage must be well illuminated 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which could potentially spike energy bills.

For this reason, LED parking garage lighting can offer safe and secure lighting, while at the same time offer huge cost savings in the long run.

It is, therefore, a sustainable solution for your parking garage unlike fluorescent lights, metal halide, and halogens.

What is Parking Garage Lighting?

Outdoor and indoor lighting solutions that are employed in parking garages are known as parking garage lighting.

These lights are pendant, soffits, or recessed mounted on a structure’s ceiling.

They help to illuminate the garage, and therefore, make it easy for drivers to move in and out of parking spaces.

In the same vein, they enhance the safety and security of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in these environments, while deterring intruders.

What’s more, LED parking garage lightings are energy-efficient lighting products that can provide high-performance.

The benefits of these lights have given them an advantage over HID, metal halide, fluorescent, and other traditional sources of light.

Benefits of LED Parking Garage Lighting

There are several benefits of LED parking garage lighting.

These benefits spread across energy efficiency, maintenance cost reduction, and improved lighting performance.

Let’s take a closer look at each:

1. Energy Efficiency

In comparison with traditional lighting fixtures, LED parking garage lights have high luminous efficacy.

What this means is that they produce a higher amount of light (lumens) per unit of power (watt) – thus, less electricity is used to attain full luminosity.

LED lights have a wattage between 24 and 82 watts while HID lamps are rated between 70 and 400 watts.

As such, LED parking garage lights can offer 40%-60% in energy savings compared to traditional HID lamps.

Practically, this could be savings in electricity costs up to $300 per fixture yearly.

Over and above that, LEDs consume 80% less energy than traditional parking lot lighting.

The cost savings can be higher if your parking garage is large and you are using more LED lamps.

2. Evenly Distributed Light

LED lights provide uniformly distributed lighting in comparison to HID lights

The ability of LEDs to provide evenly distributed light on a surface can be tied to their use of multiple diodes and individual optics within a fixture.

As a consequence, the quality of light across a surface will vary less despite the mounting location of the fixture.

The latter is quite different from light sources like HID, whose light intensity is higher directly beneath the fixture, but vary greatly as the distance between the fixtures decreases.

It is also worth noting that LEDs offer even light distribution with less dark spots which helps to brighten the space and provide a well-lit parking garage for guests.

On the same note, improved lighting ensures that theft and other criminal activities are reduced in these premises.

3. Cost Reduction

LED light fixtures are energy efficient, which helps to reduce energy bills significantly.

This can save you money in the long run in comparison to the use of other light fixtures.

What’s more, LEDs are durable and they have a longer life span of up to 50,000  to 100,000 hours (metal halides, fluorescents, and HPS lights would have to be replaced twice or thrice.)

Thus, it reduces the maintenance costs that are required to keep these lights fully operational.

A facility that converts its 250w HID wall pack to an LED wall pack can save about $5,000 in maintenance costs over a period of three years.

4. Enhanced Safety and Security

LED parking garage lighting provides people and vehicles in these spaces enhanced safety and security.

The lights do not flicker and buzz or burn out easily, and as such, it offers proper lighting of the space.

A study, for instance, revealed that the use of LED lights in parking garages, parking lots, and other exterior spaces can reduce nighttime crime by up to 39%.

That being the case, these light fixtures can enhance the safety of pedestrians and motorists.

Individuals within these spaces will feel safer in an environment that is well light, instead of a dimly lit parking garage.

5. Zero IR and UV Emissions

LED parking garage lights do not emit Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) rays.

They are suitable for use in parking lots with objects that may be sensitive to either of these rays.

In comparison to HID lamps, the latter emits UV rays that are harmful to both humans and animals.

Over and above that, LED parking garage lights are free of hazardous chemicals, hence they are environmentally-friendly.

If these lights are damaged, they can be resent to the manufacturer for recycling, which helps to preserve the environment.

The same cannot be said about Fluorescents and HID lamps since they contain mercury vapor and radioactive substances including krypton-85 and thorium.

They must also be disposed of easily and considering their harmful elements, they could pose negative effects on the environment.

6. Withstand Harsh Outdoor Temperatures

LED parking garage lighting can be used in harsh weather conditions since they have been designed to handle different temperatures.

These fixtures and their luminous intensity are unaffected by fluctuating temperatures.

Hence, they can operate irrespective of the weather, which makes them ideal for use parking garage applications.

Contrastingly, fluorescents and HID lamps may fail when the temperatures are low.

Moreover, their lifespan can be significantly reduced by low temperatures.

7. Dimmable

While light fixtures may have to be turned on most of the time, there are times where they need to be dimmed.

LED light fixtures are sometimes built with dimming features, thus, the lights can be dimmed when there are no activities in the parking garage.

The light can be dimmed by 10%, thereby reducing energy consumption within the period.

In addition, LED lights can operate even on low current and as such, they can be used with solar panels.

Traditional light fixtures like fluorescent require high power just to warm up and restrike before they finally light up.


These are some of the benefits of LED parking garage lighting and these advantages make their use essential in parking garage applications.

The use of LED helps in a significant reduction in energy consumption and offers cost savings.

There is also the benefit of decreased maintenance costs due to the durability of these lights.

All these benefits have been coupled with their ability to provide uniform light in parking garages.

Therefore, if you manage a facility and would like to reap these huge benefits, LED parking garage lights are the ideal choice to choose.

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