The Benefits of LED Office Lighting

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The numerous benefits of LED office lighting have made them more popular than other traditional lighting systems.

Some of these advantages are evident in their ability to offer energy-efficiency, cost-savings, long hours of bright light, amongst others.

These advantages have attracted business owners around the world to update their light fixtures to LEDs.

As such, if you’re also looking to cut costs and provide adequate light for employees and visitors to your commercial office space, you need to take advantage of LED office lights.

What are LED Office Lights

LED office lights are light sources that rely on LED technology.

These lights are used in commercial office buildings to create a comfortable and safe working environment.

Specifically, they are useful in lighting meeting rooms, workstations, lobbies, storage rooms, corridors, entrances, etc.

There are also various types of commercial LED office lights, and they are available in different shapes and designs.

A variety of design makes it easy to install these light fixtures in ceilings, walls, or mounted directly at workstations, in the case of task lighting.

Benefits of LED Office Lights

LED lighting offers a wide range of benefits for commercial installations, including office buildings. If you’re interested in switching to LED lighting for your commercial office property, you may be interested in exploring some of the benefits that make LED lighting stand out from traditional lighting.

Here are some of the benefits of LED office lighting.

1. Improved Workplace Productivity

Several studies have shown that LEDs can have positive effects on the mood, vitality, and performance of workers, whereas poor lighting can cause stress and mental issues.

For instance, studies in the US revealed that work performance could be improved by at least 3% by switching to LED lighting.

Furthermore, these lights have been shown to provide a safer working environment indoors and outdoors irrespective of the time of the day.

Based on these studies, it can be said that an improvement in work performance can also help to improve the productivity of employees.

That would also mean more income for a company since its workers are more productive.

2. Visually Pleasing Light

LED office lighting can supply brighter light than traditional lighting applications.

They also provide evenly distributed light, which helps to create a visually pleasing working environment.

They reduce glare, and neither buzz nor flicker – as such, it reduces the potential for eye strain, migraine or headaches, which makes it easier for workers to concentrate on the task at hand.

That being the case, it is one more way to improve the health of employees while at the same time increasing their productivity.

Look at it this way, without eye strain; employees will be able to achieve their tasks without posing any health risks to themselves while working under these lights.

3. Energy Savings

LED office lights consume 75% – 80% less energy when compared with incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

What this means is that you can save money on office lighting energy bills since less energy is consumed daily to provide light.

The best part, the low energy consumption does not affect the quality of light produced, and as such, you will be saving money on light bills, yet getting sufficient light to brighten up space.

On the other hand, the ability for LED office lights to consume less energy can be tied to the fact that that their electrons require less power to excite them to produce light.

Also, a greater percentage of the energy consumed is used to give light, instead of heat as is the case with traditional light sources like halogen lamps.

Indirectly, you would also be reducing the energy required to run the air conditioning system during the summer since LEDs produce less heat.

4. Long Life Span

LED office lights have the longest life span of all the lighting systems.

They can provide light for 50,000 to 100,000 hours, and that takes away the need for them to be replaced frequently.

The longevity of LED office lights can greatly be attributed to the shatterproof glass they are made with.

This glass is shock resistant and lacks filaments and other delicate components that can be destroyed easily.

Over and above that, a long life span also comes with the promise of saving you maintenance costs since these lights do not need to be repaired or replaced frequently.

It also reduces the potential of injuries because the potential for the bulb slipping and shattering from frequent replacements is greatly reduced.

5. High Return on Investment

The use of LED lights in office buildings can yield a high return on investment (ROI).

Here’s what it looks like:

The cost of obtaining these lights has reduced drastically; nonetheless, they are still expensive in comparison to other lighting systems.

Despite their initial high cost, the energy-saving benefits offered by LEDs can help you to reduce how much is spent on electric bills, especially if you are in locations where electricity is expensive.

Also, the expected service life of LED lighting is four times longer than traditional lighting sources.

In return, you would’ve saved more than the initial cost of setting up these light bulbs in the first place.

If you’re wondering how high the ROI can get, then it could be around 12 to 15 times the original amount you used to purchase them.

It is also worth noting that LED office lights also have a short payback period, which is between 1 to 2 years.

Therefore, LED office lights are the cheapest lighting technology when consideration is given to its cost savings in the long run.

6. Free of Toxic Chemicals

LED lighting solutions are environmentally friendly since they are free of UV or infrared energy, and mercury.

In contrast, fluorescent bulbs, which are also used in office spaces, have traces of mercury.

That being so, the breakage of a fluorescent bulb could expose harmful mercury to people and the environment.

LED office lights, on the other hand, are mercury-free, and they emit 85% less CO2 in the atmosphere.

Similarly, special methods have to be used to dispose of fluorescent bulbs due to the presence of mercury to ensure it is not harmful to the environment.

On the contrary, LED lights can be disposed of easily at the end of their lifespan, and when eliminated, they are not harmful to the environment.

7. Range of Options

LED lights are in various designs, and thus, you can change choose a plan to replace the light fixtures in your office.

However, you may already have light fixtures installed in your office and having cold feet about replacing them due to cost.

It is worth noting that there are companies that offer bulb replacements that can work with the existing fixtures and ballasts you have now.

For this reason, there is no need to change the existing fixture; instead, you can have the light source upgraded with an LED bulb using retrofit kits that are designed to fit existing installations.


LED office lights are the best alternative to the sunlight, which gives natural light.

But what happens when the sun sets, and there is a need for work to continue in the office?

Then it calls for a reliable light source that is energy-efficient, durable, and cheap to maintain in the long run.

These benefits of LED office lights and many more are what you can gain just by switching to these light sources.

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