The Benefits of LED Warehouse Lighting

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There are several benefits of LED warehouse lighting over the use of traditional light sources.

These benefits range from its minimized energy consumption, cost savings, environmental friendliness, and to its long life span.

That being the case, a warehouse that uses LED lighting can reap immense benefits.

Moreover, LEDs are now cheap to install unlike a few years ago.

LEDs are less expensive to acquire and set up in your warehouse, so, they are high-quality and affordable lighting solutions.

What is Warehouse Lighting?

Light sources used in warehouses and industrial buildings are often referred to as warehouse lighting.

These buildings have high ceilings, high shelving, few windows, and large floor surfaces, and as such, they need proper lighting to enhance the productivity of workers.

Warehouse lighting can also be installed in outdoor spaces around these facilities to ensure that people within these properties feel safe even at night. It also gives the facility a clean and professional look.

On the other hand, warehouse lighting may be incandescent light bulbs, metal halide lamps, High-intensity discharge lamps, etc.

While each may have an advantage over the other, it is worth noting that LED warehouse lighting is the best.

Benefits of LED Warehouse Lighting

Some benefits of LED warehouse lighting include:

1. Energy Savings Up to 80%

LED light fixtures help reduce energy consumption by at least 75 percent in comparison to other fixtures using traditional lighting.

And when paired with controls such as motion sensors, they can offer reduced energy by 80%.

As such, 80% of the energy converts to light and only 20% is lost as heat or other forms of energy.

A better understanding of this energy-saving benefit is when you look at traditional lighting that uses only 20% of their energy to produce light and the rest produces heat.

2. Cost Savings

Since LED warehouse lighting is energy efficient, it means they consume less power while operating which helps to save utility bills.

A warehouse that takes advantage of LED lighting will, therefore, be able to beat down costs on light bills every month.

For example, traditional lights use 20% of their energy to produce light and 80% to generate heat.

Thus, if your monthly bill is $100, then you would be paying $80 for heat and $20 for the light.

This is not the case with LED lights since you would be saving $80 and only paying $20 in bills.

3. Reduced Maintenance Costs

LEDs have a long life span of 50,000 to 100,000 hours since they use drivers that convert AC to DC power.

At 100,000 hours, you could expect 22 years of 50% operation or 11 years of continuous operation.

Also, your LED lights could be left on 8 hours per day and a replacement of the bulb may be required 20 years after.

An LED’s long life span goes contrary to the short life span of HID and Fluorescent lights that rely on ballasts.

That being the case, LED warehousing lights do not require frequent maintenance which helps to save cost.

Since these lights are infrequently changed, there is no need to climb heights occasionally to have the bulbs replaced.

4. Enhances Workers’ Productivity

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a value given between 0 to 100 and it denotes the quality of light produced by a fixture.

LED warehousing lights have a high CRI, which makes the light they produce better quality than traditional light sources.

High CRI can be beneficial to retail environments where there is a need for true color representation.

Nonetheless, fluorescent also has a high CRI but it is AC powered which causes the light to flicker and buzz frequently.

Flickering of lights could cause eyestrain and headaches to workers which could impact their productivity negatively.

A solution is for companies to rely on LEDs that offer brighter, whiter, and more reliable lights that can prevent staff sickness and enhance the warehouse working environment.

5. Free of Harmful Chemicals

LED lights are free of toxic chemicals and as such, they are neither harmful to humans nor the environment.

Fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, contains mercury and are harmful when around humans.

Also, LED lamps are 100% recyclable, and for this reason, they do not cause pollution to the environment.

What’s more, the long lifespan of LED lights helps to save material and production of about 25 incandescent lights, which helps to curb the production of these lights and make the environment greener.

6. Durability

LED warehousing lights have sturdy components that help them in harsh conditions.

These lights are resistant to vibrations, shock, and external impacts. As such, they are suitable for use in outdoor areas in warehouses.

They may be out in the wind, rain, or external vandalism and they won’t break down easily.

Therefore, you can set up your outdoor LED warehousing light in cold or low-temperature settings and they would still be ideal for use compared to fluorescent lamps that may be affected by low temperatures.

7. Easily Adaptable

LED lights are physically small and as such, they are easily adaptable in a range of lighting applications.

To that effect, they can be used in different regions in warehouses and in other applications,

Some of these include mood lighting, major stadium lighting, and residential and commercial property applications.

Moreover, LEDs can be combined to form any shape, thereby enhancing their illumination.

These lights can also be dimmed, to provide dynamic control of light, color, and distribution.

What this does, creates pleasant lighting effects for the eyes, mind, and mood.

8. LED Lights Are Bright

LED lights can brighten the space immediately, hence, when they are turned on, they come on immediately.

Therefore, in warehouses, it does not become a concern whether these lights should be turned on and off frequently since their performance is unaffected.

On the contrary, halogen lights or low-energy lighting may take a bit of time before they turn on in a bid to achieve maximum output.

It could take as long as a few minutes and turning them frequently on and off frequently may reduce their lifespan.


The benefits of LED warehouse lighting have increased the use of this lighting technology in warehouses.

These lights are energy-efficient, can offer cost savings benefits, and have a long life span.

Therefore, a facility looking to reduce costs significantly in the long run while providing bright enough light within and outside its premises needs to use LED lighting.

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