The Efficiency of LED Wall Pack Retrofit Kits

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The importance of lighting in commercial and industrial areas has brought about a need for better light sources – and LED lights have become a popular choice.

On the other hand, LED wall pack retrofit kits offer a cheaper and easier alternative to transition from traditional light fixtures such as metal halide, HID lamp, and fluorescent wall packs.

Instead of replacing an entire fixture, which may be more expensive, LED retrofit kits can be used.

Once LED lights have been installed, they provide enough bright light to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces, thereby creating a safe environment for people within buildings.

LED wall pack lights also provide light in specific high-traffic areas that need to be well-illuminated during the day and at night.

What are Wall Pack Lights?

Wall pack lights, also known as exterior building lights, are lighting fixtures that can be mounted on the walls of buildings.

They are employed in commercial and industrial buildings that are frequented by pedestrians and vehicles.

Multiple fixtures of wall pack lights may be used on a single wall, but evenly spaced apart in a bid to provide uniform lighting.

What are LED Wall Pack Retrofit Kits

There are two main categories of LED lighting, and these are retrofit LEDs and LED Light fixtures.

LED wall pack retrofit kits are fixtures that enable metal halide or HPS traditional wall pack lighting to be converted to LED lights easily.

They take advantage of the existing fixture housing that has been emptied of all its components.

An LED retrofit kit usually consists of a strip or head which LEDs and a LED Driver can be found.

These kits are installed directly into the body of the fixture, which makes them a cheaper option than buying a new LED wall pack replacement.

As a result, switching over to LED energy-saving lights becomes easier and cheaper since these fixtures do not have to be removed entirely.

On the other hand, the need to replace these other light sources with LEDs can be largely attributed to the benefits they offer.

Benefits of LED Wall Pack Lights

LED wall pack retrofit kits come with several benefits over metal halide and high-pressure sodium wall packs.

Their benefits have brought about their high efficiency, which can be attributed to several reasons, including:

1. Easier Installation:

LED wall pack retrofit kits are easier to install in comparison to changing a ballast.

What’s more, a retrofit LED plug-and-play options makes it easier to switch to LED lights since you can insert the LED options into existing fixtures.

These lights can also last up to 25 years compared to metal halide bulbs, and as such, one installation can save you the time and money of replacing lights in the future.

However, it is worth pointing out that their lifespan may be shorter compared to new LED wall packs.

This is because most new LED wall packs have a rated lifespan of 100,000 hours or longer while LED retrofit kits are rated at 50,000 hours.

2. Improved Light Quality:

LED light bulbs provide enhanced light quality in comparison to traditional metal halide bulbs.

This light is in a specific direction and, thus, can be focused on a desired location even without using reflectors.

Traditional light bulbs, on the other hand, provide non-directional lights, and as such, they tend to waste most of their light output.

LED wall pack lights do not also produce glare, and for this reason, they are comfortable to the eyes even after working under them for long hours.

3. Energy-efficiency:

LED lights that replace HID and fluorescent bulbs offer better energy savings.

Here’s why:

LED wall pack lights offer brighter light output but consume less power while doing so.

For this reason, they are energy efficient since less energy is used to carry out the task they perform.

In the same vein, they generate less heat compared to traditional light fixtures – and in the end, this helps to ensure that the A.C. is not always turned on in the summer.

As a result, the bulbs consume less energy, so does the A.C., which can result in huge energy savings on a yearly basis.

4. Cost Savings:

Less energy being consumed by LEDs means that costs on utility bills are reduced.

This saved costs can be channeled into other areas of a business or home that are in dire need of improvement.

Similarly, the fact that the A.C is used irregularly means that costs is also saved on large energy bills.

5. Long Lifespan:

LED wall pack lights have a long lifespan and one that is even longer than other light sources, including fluorescent bulbs.

In this case, the life expectancy of LEDs range between 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours, while that of HID bulbs is 15,000 hours.

Their long lifespan can be attributed to the fact that these fixtures are not easily affected by high temperatures and pressure.

Rather, they can withstand the impacts of harsh weather conditions.

For this reason, you do not have to change them regularly, which helps to save costs on frequent maintenance or replacement bulbs.

Given that wall pack lights have a high mounting, it can be reassuring that the time-consuming task of climbing ladders or using mechanical lifts just to replace them are avoided.

Considerations Before Choosing an LED retrofit kit

Certain considerations have to be made before choosing an LED retrofit kit instead of replacing the entire wall pack.

Some of these are:

1. Quality of the Existing Fixture:

The use of an existing fixture housing depends on its quality, and as such, it must not be cracked, weathered, dingy, or unserviceable.

Meeting these criteria makes it a perfect fixture to be used for an LED retrofit kit for wall packs.

2. Knowing the Existing Wall Packs:

In order to use the right LED retrofit kit, there is a need to know the type of wall packs that have already been installed.

Good knowledge of the latter will ensure that the LED retrofit kit for wall packs that have been chosen will be a perfect fit.

In contrast, a choice of the wrong LED retrofit kit could reduce the lighting quality as well as the efficiency of the LED.


LED wall pack retrofit kits offer a easier and cheaper alternative when switching to LED lights in new and existing construction projects.

Given that they use LED technology, they provide energy conserving properties and lower costs, and as such, they are a better replacement to traditional light fixtures.

These benefits have given them more popularity over traditional light fixtures that produce a lot of heat and consume more power.

Therefore, LED wall pack lights are a go-to option to companies that are looking to take advantage of cost-benefits, and bright light irrespective of the time of the day.

It can also serve for long hours due to its durable materials and the fact that they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

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