What is Industrial Outdoor LED Lighting?

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Industrial outdoor LED lightings are used in factories, warehouses, processing plants, etc.

There are industrial outdoor hanging lights, large outdoor lighting, as well as decorative industrial outdoor lighting fixtures.

These fixtures have a design that is widely accepted to prevent confusion and incompatibility in a specific industry.

And most importantly, they adopt LED technology that can provide long-lasting illumination for warehouse lighting.

LEDs are employed due to their reliability, durability, and need for little to no maintenance.

What this does is to save costs in the long run, while also providing bright enough light to illuminate outdoor spaces in industrial areas.

What is Industrial Outdoor LED Lighting?

Industrial LED lightings are fixtures that are used in industrial buildings such as:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Storage facilities
  • Packaging plants
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Distribution facilities
  • Food processing facilities

A warehouse, for instance, has severe fluctuations of temperature and pressure; however, fixtures specifically designed for use in these areas can handle these fluctuations.

They also light up large areas of the industrial space, which is a deterrent to intruders.

What’s more, the fixtures use LED light bulbs that are known to be more energy-efficient, reliable, and durable than other traditional light sources.

As a result, it can brighten these industrial areas that need to be illuminated for long hours, without adding high costs to the utility bills.

Their long lifespan also means that they will be changed less infrequently, but more about that later!

Industrial LED Lighting Products for Outdoors

A range of industrial LED lighting products can be used outdoors.

Each is suitable for the environment it was built to operate and some of these products include:

  • LED tunnel lights
  • LED parking lot lights
  • LED outdoor street lamps
  • Industrial outdoor hanging lights
  • Industrial LED outdoor flood lights

Functions of Industrial LED Outdoor Lights

There are various types of Industrial outdoor LED lightings, and their purpose and functions differ.

The lights and their functions include:

1. Floodlights

LED outdoor floodlights can be used in industrial spaces to illuminate pathways after dark.

These lights have a broad beam, and they supply a wide range of highly focused light that brings out even the most hidden elements of the night.

2. Task Lighting

LED task lighting can be used outdoors since they offer excellent directional ability.

For this reason, it becomes easy to illuminate certain areas in outdoor spaces.

Activities can be carried out in these outdoor locations irrespective of the time of the day, and the people around it can feel safe.

3. Deck Lighting

Deck lighting is recessed into decking or patios, and they can be used alongside spotlight LED outdoor bulbs.

4. Solar-powered Outdoor lamps

Solar-powered lamps sometimes feature LED lights.

In this case, the LED outdoor bulbs can be paired to a battery that has also been connected to a solar panel

On the other hand, LED ensures that 90% less power is consumed compared to incandescent light bulbs.

5. Pond and Water Fountain Lights

Outdoor LED lights can also be used in ponds and water fountains; hence, these are lights specially designed for this purpose.

6. Accent

Industrial LED outdoor bulbs can also be used for accent lighting style.

These lights can highlight trees, plants, and ornaments, while also making it possible to keep unwanted objects hidden.

Here, the light rays are restricted in one direction.

Benefits of Industrial Outdoor LED Lighting

Some benefits of Industrial outdoor LED lighting include:

1. Energy-efficiency

Industrial outdoor LED lighting is energy-efficient since they consume less power than traditional light sources.

They can use 70% less power compared to these light sources, and as such, it helps to reduce the expenses on utility bills.

While there may be power tools and machinery in the warehouse, it may be misleading that they are consuming the most power instead of light fixtures.

Hence, if you are an industrial manager, you can manage energy effectively using LED bulbs

LED lamps also generate less heat since a greater percentage of the light they consume is used to generate light.

2. Durability

LEDs are durable since they are immune to vibrations and other impacts.

They also lack filaments or glass enclosures that are found on traditional lightings, and as such, they are not susceptible to damage.

Further, these lights do not burn out; instead, the dim overtime.

LED outdoor lighting also has a long life span of around 50,000 -100,000 hours, thus, they can provide bright light for a long time.

On the contrary, a typical incandescent bulb has a lifespan of 1,000 hours, fluorescent could last for 8,000 to 10,000 hours, and HID lights offering a lifespan of around 10,000 hours.

3. Cost Savings

Without the need for frequent replacement of LED lights in industrial spaces, it saves the cost in the long run in getting new fixtures.

A longer operational life also reduces the labor costs needed to replace LED light bulbs in industrial buildings and facilities.

In comparison, traditional industrial lighting such as HIF, HPS, and metal halide have a magnetic ballast that wears out fast and may require expensive servicing or replacement.

Similarly, LEDs consume less energy and that being so, they can reduce how much is spent on utility bills on a monthly basis.

That could, in the end, reduce the cost for a warehouse or facility significantly.

4. Cold Weather

LED outdoor lightings operate well in cold temperatures, and as such, they can be used in parking lots and wall packs.

Alternatively, fluorescent lamps require a higher voltage for them to turn on during low temperatures.

Nonetheless, the luminous flux or intensity of light from the fixture is decreased.

On the contrary, the performance of an LED fixture increases as operating temperatures drop.

This, therefore, makes LEDs suitable for industrial applications in outdoor locations.

5. Safe Light

LED outdoor lights produce brighter light with less glare.

That being the case, it enables workers in factories and warehouses to work more efficiently.

Consequently, it helps to reduce safety incidents since they can see what they are doing well.


The industrial outdoor LED lighting is beneficial in industrial spaces that are large and always need to be illuminated.

These lights take it one step further to offer more advantages than providing sufficient light.

They are energy-efficient, durable, reliable, and suitable for use in extreme temperatures.

There is also the cost-saving benefits of LEDs that make them an attractive option from a wide range of lightings in the market.

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