Finding the Right Commercial LED Light Fixtures

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Did you know that finding and settling for the right commercial LED light fixtures can provide sufficient light in your facility?

It certainly does!

This is because there are several commercial LED light fixtures out there and it may be a bit tricky to choose the ideal one for your application.

For instance, should you rather go for an area light fixture or strip light fixture while trying to illuminate your outdoor space, or is a high bay light more ideal for high applications compared to flat-panel fixtures?

Now don’t think too much about it since we have outlined the different applications between commercial light fixtures.

The point is, you get the best benefits from using LED light fixtures if you choose one that is most ideal for use in a certain location.

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Indoor Wall Mount LED Light Fixtures

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There are several wall mount light fixtures available, including those designed for LED efficiency, indoor installations, and outdoor installations.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at indoor wall mount LED light fixtures so you know which is right for your building.

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Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures

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There is a wide selection of outdoor flood lights available. In order to find the best fixtures for your needs, you need to know the differences and benefits.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at outdoor LED flood light fixtures so you know which you need for your application.

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LED Ceiling Light Fixtures for Commercial Applications

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LED ceiling light fixtures for commercial applications are quite useful since they help to illuminate the interior of commercial spaces in an energy-efficient way.

These luminaries are used in office buildings, factories, warehouses, etc. and each of these locations will need bright light during the day and at night.

Sufficient light will allow operations to be carried out smoothly in these buildings, and also enhance workers’ productivity.

Also, given the long hours of business operations daily, LED ceiling light fixtures are the goto solution to reduce operating costs.

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DLC Lighting List for Commercial Applications

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If you’re interested in energy-efficient lighting fixtures for your commercial application, you may find it helpful to review the DLC lighting list of approved products. This list includes lighting fixtures designed, tested, and certified for their energy-efficiency.

In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the T-1 lighting fixtures approved and included in the DLC lighting list for commercial applications.

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