6 Uses for Commercial Outdoor Flood Lights

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Commercial outdoor floodlights are extremely useful in the exterior of industrial and commercial facilities.

These high-intensity artificial lights help to illuminate the space during the day and night, thus, they make up for the lost sunlight at night. What this means is that operations can be carried out seamlessly in commercial facilities despite the time of the day.

Another important benefit of commercial outdoor floodlights lies in the fact that their large, uniform light enhances the security of the buildings that use them.

The CCTV cameras are able to capture clearer, and people within these environments can feel safe while moving around it.

Generally, outdoor floodlights are suitable for landscape, architectural, or security lighting in commercial spaces.

On the other hand,  it is worth pointing out the facilities that use commercial outdoor floodlights – It will give you an idea of where you can implement these lights in your own space.

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The Benefits of LED Warehouse Lighting

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There are several benefits of LED warehouse lighting over the use of traditional light sources.

These benefits range from its minimized energy consumption, cost savings, environmental friendliness, and to its long life span.

That being the case, a warehouse that uses LED lighting can reap immense benefits.

Moreover, LEDs are now cheap to install unlike a few years ago.

LEDs are less expensive to acquire and set up in your warehouse, so, they are high-quality and affordable lighting solutions.

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10 Types of Industrial LED Light Fixtures

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There is a wide selection of industrial LED light fixtures available. It’s important to understand the difference between each fixture, as many are designed for specific types of applications.

In this article, we’re exploring 10 types of industrial LED light fixtures.

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What are Watertight Lighting Fixtures?

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Watertight lighting fixtures are suitable for industrial or commercial lighting purposes in harsh weather conditions.

Moisture, dust, or contaminants do not accumulate in these fixtures over time, and as such, they can operate for a long time.

It’s even better that these fixtures have Ingress Protection (IP) Rating, which denotes their degree of protection, and depicts whether they are best suited for use indoors or outdoors.

The higher the IP rating, the higher the water resistivity characteristic of the light fixture.

That being the case, it is essential to know a waterproof luminaire’s IP Rating to ensure that it meets your needs.

Most importantly, it will ensure that the fixture does not break down when you least expect due to water or dust tampering with its internal components.

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What is Industrial Outdoor LED Lighting?

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Industrial outdoor LED lightings are used in factories, warehouses, processing plants, etc.

There are industrial outdoor hanging lights, large outdoor lighting, as well as decorative industrial outdoor lighting fixtures.

These fixtures have a design that is widely accepted to prevent confusion and incompatibility in a specific industry.

And most importantly, they adopt LED technology that can provide long-lasting illumination for warehouse lighting.

LEDs are employed due to their reliability, durability, and need for little to no maintenance.

What this does is to save costs in the long run, while also providing bright enough light to illuminate outdoor spaces in industrial areas.

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