Outdoor Commercial Lighting: A Complete Overview

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Outdoor commercial lighting is a must-have for homeowners, businesses, and those in charge of public space.

The reason is not farfetched since these lights help to keep the property well lit and secure.

It could be a large open space such as a garage, parking lot, campus, sports arena, long outdoor passageway, etc., but these lights can still provide sufficient light to keep the spaces illuminated.

There are also decorative commercial outdoor lighting fixtures that spice up the aesthetics of locations they are used in.

That being the case, there are numerous benefits of outdoor commercial lightning which has led to its popularity.

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Vapor Tight LED vs Watertight LED Fixtures

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There are several key differences between a vapor tight LED light fixture and a watertight LED light fixture. We thought it might be helpful to compare the two options here so you can make a more informed decision regarding which LED light fixtures you need.

Here’s a comparison of vapor tight LED and watertight LED fixtures for your convenience.

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LED Gymnasium Lighting for Athletics Clubs

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Gymnasiums and athletic facilities need sufficient light to improve the gymnasium experience – People also need to feel safe and focused within these buildings to enhance their productivity.

While several types of lights can offer these benefits, LED gymnasium lighting for athletics clubs takes it one step further to reduce energy consumption significantly.

As a result, gyms, sports centers, fitness clubs, amongst others that take advantage of energy-efficient LED technology can reduce their utility bill by almost 85%.

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Watertight Light Fixtures: An Overview

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Watertight light fixtures are suitable for industrial or commercial lighting purposes in harsh weather conditions.

In this post, we’re taking a closer look at watertight light fixtures so you can make a more informed decision regarding your own lighting needs.

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5 Benefits of Value Engineering

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Design professionals hold value engineering in high esteem for its potential to lower costs and enhance customer satisfaction, especially when considering the rising prices caused by the recent tariffs.

The numerous benefits of value engineering make it a necessary aspect of a building design and construction process because it adds value to the project instead of cheapening it.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the benefits of value engineering in the lighting industry.

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