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Industrial LED Light Fixtures

10 Types of Industrial LED Light Fixtures

There is a wide selection of industrial LED light fixtures available. It’s important to understand the difference between each fixture, as many are designed for specific types of applications. In this article, we’re exploring 10 types of industrial LED light fixtures. Industrial LED Light Fixtures There are several types of industrial LED light fixtures, and…

watertight lighting fixtures

What are Watertight Lighting Fixtures?

Watertight lighting fixtures are suitable for industrial or commercial lighting purposes in harsh weather conditions. Moisture, dust, or contaminants do not accumulate in these fixtures over time, and as such, they can operate for a long time. It’s even better that these fixtures have Ingress Protection (IP) Rating, which denotes their degree of protection, and…

Industrial Outdoor LED Lighting

What is Industrial Outdoor LED Lighting?

Industrial outdoor LED lightings are used in factories, warehouses, processing plants, etc. There are industrial outdoor hanging lights, large outdoor lighting, as well as decorative industrial outdoor lighting fixtures. These fixtures have a design that is widely accepted to prevent confusion and incompatibility in a specific industry. And most importantly, they adopt LED technology that…

LED Wall Pack Retrofit Kits

The Efficiency of LED Wall Pack Retrofit Kits

The importance of lighting in commercial and industrial areas has brought about a need for better light sources – and LED lights have become a popular choice. On the other hand, LED wall pack retrofit kits offer a cheaper and easier alternative to transition from traditional light fixtures such as metal halide, HID lamp, and…

High Bay vs Low Bay lighting

High Bay vs Low Bay Lighting: A Look at the Differences

High bay and low bay lighting fixtures are quite popular in commercial and industrial places. A choice between either depends on the region they will be mounted and the level of brightness that is required. Also, choosing one over the other can significantly impact the safety of your facility as well as the efficiency of…

LED office lighting

The Benefits of LED Office Lighting

The numerous benefits of LED office lighting have made them more popular than other traditional lighting systems. Some of these advantages are evident in their ability to offer energy-efficiency, cost-savings, long hours of bright light, amongst others. These advantages have attracted business owners around the world to update their light fixtures to LEDs. As such,…