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T1-DBLED Series

The T1-DBLED Slim series offers a slim and stylish design, making it the perfect fixture for offices, hospitals, and other commercial
interior areas where space is limited. Its dual lens design helps illuminate spaces evenly, and the clear prismatic lens helps prevent
direct contact to the LED modules. We offer the T1-DBLED in both 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’, and also available in multiple lumen options.
This direct/indirect LED fixture can be placed on a traditional office T-rail that makes installation quick and easy.

T1-EPBLED Series

The Basque Series is our new generation center basket with revolutionary multi-watt and multi-CCT feature.

T1-FP Series

The Fleet Series has an ultra thin fixture with a backlit frame that upgrades aesthetics and produces an even light distribution.

T1-G2HBLED Series

The Linus Series is our 2nd generation LED linear high bay fixtures built with upgraded LED chips and a slimmer construction. Precision-designed optics, multiple distributions, and a choice of lumen outputs and color temperatures making the energy-efficient Linus Series the ideal solution for industrial, commercial and other high bay applications.

T1-G2RHBLED Series

The Orhb Series is our new generation LED high bays featuring a thinner and circular profile with an upgraded modern look to the traditional high bay.

T1-G2VTLED Series

The Vue Series is our new generation vapor tight fixture with the revolutionary multi-watt and multi-CCT feature. This series is particularly ideal for food & beverage factories, refrigerated storage rooms, underground parking and tunnels. This series comes in 2-foot, 4-foot and 8-foot packages.

T1-HBLED Series

The Alpha Series is our high-wattage LED high bay fixtures built with upgraded LED chips and a slimmer construction.

T1-IHBLED Series

With its modern and sleek design, the Ignite Series features a slim and lightweight profile that will improve the aesthetics of any industrial, commercial or high ceiling retail facility.

T1-PWALED Series

The Wraps Series is designed with smooth curved edges to give any space a clean and modern look.


The Viper Series is our new type of high bay that has IP65 and IK10-rating. You get the best of both worlds —a high bay and a vapor tight!